Founded in 1971, Stine Construction is recognized as one of Tampa Bay’s area’s leading construction firms for Building Contracting, Construction Consulting, and Construction Management.

Stine Construction, Inc. prides itself on a design, build and manage aspect of construction. The design, build and manage platform streamlines the project from beginning to end incorporating many advantages throughout the process. The approach allows the client to have one single point of contact for their project and still maintain overall control. Our experienced team of architects, engineers, project managers and personnel provide a thorough execution in all areas of the construction process from start to finish. While we are able to offer any of these services individually to their maximum potential, the greatest advantage comes when combined in a full turnkey contract.

As you can see, we’re far more than just a commercial construction company. We can handle all aspects of planning, pre-construction and real estate development, to construction and property management.

Stine Construction works with a group of dependable, expert subcontractors capable of handling any project with confidence, knowing that the work will be completed to the specifications required, on time, within budget, and with the highest quality.  

Our company has expertise in constructing:

  • Large & Small Office Complexes
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Financial Institutions
  • Churches
  • Medical Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Condominiums
  • Stadium Builds

Main Services

From site work to build out, Stine Construction will oversee each phase of the construction process from start to finish.

Stine Construction acts as both the project manager as well as the site developer for the client from the planning, throughout construction and execution.

All aspects of the project will be managed by the professionals at Stine Construction with attention to detail and the overall vision and schedule of the client.

Specialized Services


Stine Construction oversees the planning and design of your project with respect to the plans, specifications and proposals.


As construction manager, Stine Construction will ensure that the construction of the project is completed to specifications within time and budget constraints.